Swiss Craftsmanship


Founded in 2010, Golden Dreams strives to represent Swiss finesse and exclusivity in every one of its products from smart phones to luxury leather goods.

Tailor-made creations

We have the exclusive ability and technical expertise to offer you the liberty to create your very own personalized luxury product. Our designers and crafstman are here to help. 

All our collection can be customized, from special leather colors to custom embossing, hand-engraving or laser engraving, solid gold inserts and precious stone setting, it's all possible.

Precious stone setting

 Golden Dreams uses the finest diamonds and precious stones to create on demand designs.

The diamonds are hand setted by our master craftsman in Geneva.



All the engraving is done by hand and some creations take over 50 hours of handwork.
We offer our customer the possibility to create custom made designs with this technique.

Custom inserts

Bespoke inserts such as initials are possible with our highly skilled Swiss craftsmen.
Every insert is a unique piece, and handmade.

Create Yours now

Tell us a bit more about your projects and we'll get back to you quickly to start to work together to create your unique luxury product.

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