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1. These Terms and Conditions of use (hereinafter:TC) were designed to regulate the conditions of use of the website « ».

2. GOLDEN DREAMS invites users to read regularly these TC, the contents of which may at any time, be revised, modified and / or updated.

3. The revised, modified and / or updated TC are effective for all users from the date they are posted.

4. By using the website « », the user acknowledges being aware of TC, consulted and accepts them without reservation.

5. The access and consultation of the website « » are permitted and only with the full and complete acceptance of TC, otherwise the user must leave the website.


1. GOLDEN DREAMS has created the website « » to provide users with information about the company and the products it develops and offers.

2. Only use for personal purposes is permitted. For personal use, not commercial or private, the user may download one computer copy ofthe contents of the website « » or print it. This possibility offered to the user implies the latter’s strict compliance with all elements, both material and immaterial belonging to GOLDEN DREAMS. It is prohibited to modify, alter and / or remove them.

3. Unless otherwise specified, the user must consider that everything he sees or reads (specifically images, photographs, videos, illustrations, text or other and below: CONTENT) on the website « » is protected through national legislation and / or international.

4. The user is particularly not allowed to sell, reproduced, distribute, modify, display and publicly communicate the CONTENT of the website « ». It is also not allowed for the user to use the CONTENT of the website to prepare derivative works or any form of adaptation. The content cannot be used for public or commercial purposes and must not be displayed or posted on another website, in a computer network or any other digital medium. Internet links to the website « » from other websites is not allowed.

5. A written permission is required for any other usage.

6. Violation of any of these conditions will lead automatically to the cancelation of theauthorization to use the website « » . Furthermore the user will have to destroy all copies of CONTENT, whether in electronic form or other format.

7. GOLDEN DREAMS explicitly draws the attention of the user that unauthorized use of the CONTENT may be a violation of national legislation and international regulations, particularly with regard to the protection of intellectual property; GOLDEN DREAMS therefore invites the user to comply with these TC.


1. All content and / or unsolicited communication sent to GOLDEN DREAMS by users via the website « » (electronic mail or otherwise) will be treated by GOLDEN DREAMS as being non-confidential data, and not subject to any exclusive property.

2. The personal information’s transmitted will however be treated as confidential data.

3. The user marks his approval, and grants GOLDEN DREAMSthe most completeright (including use, reproduction, modification, publication, distribution, translation, display, development, free disclosure, without compensation) on communications and content sent to it.

4. GOLDEN DREAMS – which is active in the design and manufacture of high quality products – cannot accept any offers or proposals for collaboration and / or products, when they are not solicited; when GOLDEN DREAMS has its own sources of creativity. There is no reason to consider the offers and / or proposals received are not already the subject of a development on the part of GOLDEN DREAMS.


1. The user undertakes not to misuse the website « ».

2. He shall refrain from any illegal acts and, in general, undermine the rights of others.

3. The user undertakes not to introduce into the system data that contains software viruses, or use the website « » to restrict the general use and site availability for other users .

4. The user agrees both for the data submitted and the general use, to comply with the applicable Swiss law. In particular the users agrees to input content and information (logo, addresses, URLs, but also pictures) which he owns the rights to and does not communicate content infringing the personality or honor of others.

5. The user agrees to manage the access data (username and password) with diligence, care and confidentiality. GOLDEN DREAMS is not responsible for the misuse of data access or damage resulting from improper access. The user undertakes to inform, from his knowledge and without delay, GOLDEN DREAMS, of any abusive use of his access data.

6. The user agrees to issue truthfully and fully the information required, he will also immediately updatetheseinformation’s should changes occur. He alone is responsible for personal information it discloses.

7. The user agrees to immediately notify « » of any defects, interruptions, disruptions or inability to use the services offered (including bugs and flaws in the system, both in terms of the server or the application). He agrees to report immediately to « » any illegal use or contrary use to these TC.


1. GOLDEN DREAMS gives very special attention to the policy to ensure protection of the personal data submitted by user.

2. GOLDEN DREAMS meets current legislation on the protection of personal data.

2. All personal information is provided to GOLDEN DREAMS voluntarily, knowingly and with the consent of the user.

3. The user shall ensure that the information communicated to GOLDEN DREAMS is correct and accurate. He agrees to immediately notify GOLDEN DREAMS of any changes and / or inaccuracy in the data.

4. GOLDEN DREAMS is committed to taking all appropriate steps to delete and / or correct inaccurate data and / or incomplete, having regard to the purposes for which they were processed.

5. Personal data provided are accessible only by authorized staff of GOLDEN DREAMS. Any other person and company brought to read it as part of an internal activity to GODLEN DREAMS, is subject to an obligation of confidentiality and respect for privacy.

6. When the user requests a product, service or sends a request to GOLDEN DREAMS and to this end he fills out a form or a document certain required information is compulsory. If the user chooses not to disclose this information, GOLDEN DREAMS, without liability, may not be able to process his application to satisfaction.

7. Personal information entrusted to GOLDEN DREAMS will be used to provide the user with the service and / or product requested and possibly dedicated to the purpose of study and research to improve the offers.

8. GOLDEN DREAMS agrees, subject to the preceding paragraph, not to use, reproduce, sell or make available to third parties in any other way, personal data entrusted to it. Exception will only made following a request from a court in in the context of legal proceedings.

9. The user may, in writing, request and obtain all of his personal data in possession of GOLDEN DREAMS. Requests for corrections, changes or deletion of information are governed as provided in paragraphs 3 and 4.

10. In all cases GOLDENDREAMS willremove the personal data of the requesting user.

11. It is possible that GOLDEN DREAMS adapt this policy to protect personal data in line with any legislative changes and obligations arising from reform.

12. Any dispute related to the personal data is subject to the Geneva courts exclusively. Swiss law is applicable.


1. The user acknowledges that the data it publishes on the website « » are available to third parties.

2. GOLDEN DREAMS is workinghard to ensure it usescorrect and up to date data, but it cannot guarantee the completeness nor that the information is up to date .

3. The user acknowledges that these data are used to their own risk and may contain errors or incomplete information due to technical failures, or for other reasons.

4. GOLDEN DREAMS declines all liability for damages resulting from the use of data.


1. Unless otherwise provided by mandatory law, GOLDEN DREAMS is not be liable to the user for the information available on the website « ».

2. The information on the website « » is provided for informational purposes only.

3. GOLDEN DREAMS, while striving to ensure that the information contained on the website « » are complete and appropriate, cannot guarantee that the CONTENT of the website is error-free or that its use does not violate any rights of third parties.

4. GOLDEN DREAMS does not guarantee that the functional, technical or other website « » or the CONTENT is without error. GOLDEN DREAMS does not guarantee that the website « » the CONTENT or the server that makes it available are free of viruses or other harmful components. Unconditional access at all times to the website « » cannot be guaranteed, particularly with regard to computer problems that may occur beyond the control of GOLDEN DREAMS. GOLDEN DREAMS does not assume responsibility, except as noted in paragraphs of this figure, in case of injury due to potential disruptions and interruptions (including bugs and flaws in the system, both at the server of application).

5. GOLDEN DREAMSoffers no warranties concerning in particular the CONTENT, the text of the website « » documents and / or downloadable files, graphics, web links, and the results that can be obtained due the use of the website « ».

6. The use of the website « » is done at the risk of the user.

7. All components of the website « » are provided to users as is and without any guarantee.

8. GOLDEN DREAMS answers for its content if the information it provides on its website www.goldendreams.chtranspires to have clearly caused harm and that if the user can prove that GOLDEN DREAMS caused the harm directly and intentionally or with a very serious neglect. In case of minor negligence, GOLDEN DREMAS does not assume responsibility.

9. GOLDEN DREAMS is not liable for damages or loss of profits caused by possible auxiliary of « ».

10. GOLDEN DREAMS is not responsible for any consequences related to illicit uses.

11. The user acknowledges that GOLDEN DREAMS is not responsible for comments and content (including photographs) that can be possibly published by users or third parties on the website « ».


1. Links to other websites operated by third parties without contractual relations with GOLDEN DREAMS, may appear on the site « ». GOLDEN DREAMS provides no warranties concerning the content of websites whose links appear on the website « ».

2. The consultation of websites (off site or third party sites) is done at the risk of the user.


1. The user agrees to the termination of access and use of the website « » if GOLDEN DREAMS reasonably believes that Users have violated the letter or spirit of the TC, acted in noncompliance, violated the rights of GOLDEN DREAMS or any other cause.

2. The user agrees to give up is right to a notification of cancelation of his access to » ». . However, upon user request, GOLDEN DREAMS will send a notification.

3. The user may not hold GOLDEN DREAMS liable for modification or removal of the website « ».

4. The provisions entitled “DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTIES AND LIABILITY  » and « GENERAL PROVISIONS  » remain in effect after termination of the TC.


1. Unless otherwise provided, the information and the CONTENT of the website « » are presented solely for promoting products and services byGOLDEN DREAMS.

2. GOLDEN DREAMS explicitly draw the attention of the user on the fact that the CONTENT may not be appropriate or available for use in all countries of the world.

3. Nothing contained on the website « » shall be construed as granting, by implication or otherwise any license or right to use any trademark, design or otherwise appearing on the website « ».Only a written consent letter will allow the user the right to use any trademark, design or otherwise appearing on the website «

4. The use of the website « » is made at the risk of the user.

5. The user shall be liable, under the law in force at the place of situation and keep in mind that access to the CONTENT may not comply with the law, for some people in some countries.

6. The user has thenon-transferable and non-exclusive use right to use the services offered by « ».

7. The intellectual property rights existing or underway related in particular to products, designs and trademarks « » are and remain the property of GOLDEN DREAMS.

8. The French version of the CG « » governs the relationship between the user and GOLDEN DREAMS, but also those with third parties.

9. In case of contradiction between translated versions of the TV and the French version, only the latter shall prevail.

10. Access and the use of the website « » imply compliance with Swiss laws in force.

11. GOLDEN DREAMS reserves at all times, the right to amend these TC, supplementing or deleting them. The changes are shown on the website « ».

12. The possible invalidity of one or more provisions of these terms does not compromise the validity of other provisions.

13. Swiss law is exclusively applicable to these TC. The interpretation of a provision, if necessary, is done in accordance with the laws of Switzerland and Swiss public policy. The jurisdiction is in Geneva. The waiver of GOLDEN DREAMS to enforce one or more provisions of these TC shall be construed as a waiver of any other provision or (the) same (s) available (s) for violations later.

Geneva, March 24, 2012